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Jiro Morisawa

Tetsuya Koibuchi
Vice President and Treasurer

Petar Vucurevic
Sr. Vice President

Paul C. Honda
Vice President

Primary Focus

In collaboration with our direct parent, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM), and our affiliate,
Honda Canada, Inc. (HCI), we support Honda and Acura product sales in the United States and Canada, helping maintain customer and dealer satisfaction and loyalty. Our business substantially depends upon these sales.

Liquidity and Capital Resources

Our liquidity strategy funds current and future obligations by cost-effectively expanding and diversifying our sources of capital.

Our funding strategy considers factors such as the interest rate environment, domestic and foreign capital market conditions, maturity profiles, and economic conditions. This strategy incorporates investor diversification and multiple funding sources including commercial paper, medium-term notes, bank loans, related party debt and asset-backed securities.

AHFC Regional Locations

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Company Overview

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Honda Support
Agreement Highlights

• Maintain 80% ownership
• Ensure AHFC maintains
a positive net worth
• Ensure AHFC maintains
liquidity to meet obligations

Funding Strategy

• Provide stability to support
Honda/Acura North American Sales
• Preserve funding diversity, balanced
liquidity and expand our investor base
• Maintain prudent maturity profile