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AHFC Completes Consolidation of Regional Service Centers


American Honda Finance Corporation (AHFC) has recently completed its consolidation of its regional offices into three service centers serving Honda and Acura customers and dealers throughout the United States. The new centers are strategically located in Alpharetta, Georgia; Irving, Texas; and Cypress, California. The program officially began in February 2020 and the final service center opened in December 2022.

The program to consolidate the regional offices was named Next Generation to capture its purpose of preparing AHFC for the future. Over AHFC’s 42-year history, it had grown to have nine regional offices throughout the U.S. Under Next Generation, the nine offices were combined into three service centers that are each larger and have greater potential for technology expansion, associate career pathing, and operational efficiencies.

"While our regional office structure has served us well, this consolidation effort will enable AHFC to keep pace with changing market demands, better serve our customers and dealers, and create opportunities for the next generation of AHFC associates," said Petar Vucurevic, vice president of AHFC.

As the number of AHFC customer accounts are expected to grow, the company is evolving now to accommodate future service needs. Several technology initiatives have been introduced, such as a cloud-based phone system, Workforce Management software, and new global collection strategies. Features such as these are easier to implement across AHFC’s new footprint, and the company will be better able to maintain consistent service levels nationwide. Additionally, AHFC will be able to expand its service hours for customers and dealers.

Next Generation has the added benefit of giving associates more career opportunities without relocating. Each service center has a larger workforce than the regional offices previously had, meaning more job opportunities in a single location. An associate can gain exposure to many roles and take advantage of improved career pathing. In this way, Next Generation is giving our people a strong foundation of knowledge to provide exceptional service to our customers and dealers, while providing them with a clear path to grow within AHFC.

The service center territories are as follows:

The Western Service Center in Cypress, California, serves dealers and customers in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

The Central Service Center in Irving, Texas, is co-located with the National Service Center and Lease Maturity Center. The CSC serves the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states.

The Eastern Service Center, located in Alpharetta, Georgia, serves the Northeast and Southeast. The ESC has the largest number of customer accounts and dealers. It is also the home of the National Powersports Service Center, which assists Honda Powersports, Marine, and Power Equipment dealers and customers nationwide.

All three service centers boast new offices and conference rooms, break rooms and cafeterias, grab-and-go markets, and fully equipped training rooms. Each center is located near a major metro area, offering easy access to attractions and a pool of talent from nearby colleges and universities.

The Next Generation program is part of Honda's ongoing journey to become a more lean, nimble and unified organization. With the consolidation complete. the groundwork is laid for a more agile finance company capable of adapting quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs.

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